Keeping your intranet fresh is a challenge, especially when budgets get cut and staff is stretched. Why not make the transition from creating all the content yourself to letting readers contribute? Not only will you reduce your workload, you'll also make your site more lively and engaging.

Here are five quick ways to build employee-generated content on your site.

Encourage employees to rate content

Ask people to rate how useful or enjoyable they find content, based on a numbered scale. Leave space for open-ended comments. 


Launch a quick poll

You can post a new question each week, such as "How do you overcome presentation jitters?", with multiple choice responses. 

Post recommendations

Allow people to recommend web sites, videos, software or training classes that helped them learn or solve a problem at work. 

Create an event slideshow

Ask people to submit photos of events, such as trade shows, sales meetings or company picnics. Then create a slide show with short captions. 

Post videos

You can invite coworkers to create three- to four-minute videos around a theme, such as "How my team promotes innovation."