Internal meetings and conferences are great opportunities to share information and build commitment. But too often they turn into PowerPoint® marathons, leaving participants information-overloaded and exhausted. We create better employee meetings by designing a well-balanced agenda, creating opportunities for interaction, providing facilitation that engages participants and measuring effectiveness through post-meeting surveys.


Conferences are great opportunities to engage participants and build commitment. But too often they are reduced to a series of presenters sharing PowerPoint® decks, leaving participants overloaded and looking for new information. We’ll help you boost the energy level and stimulate participation. Plus, our efficient approach reduces the time needed to prepare materials.

Large group meetings

Your organization makes a significant investment in large group sessions, but it’s a  struggle to create meetings that are meaningful and memorable. We’ll help you execute a big meeting that invites participation, is efficient to plan and run, and results in tangible next steps.

Roundtable discussions

Need a way to engage employees? A roundtable discussion encourages employees to actively participate and ask candid questions. And a roundtable is an effective forum for fostering collaboration among leaders and colleagues. We’ll help you develop and facilitate this effective two-way experience.

Team meetings

Trying to engage employees in team meetings? We’ll take team meetings to the next level by designing a well-balanced agenda, creating opportunities for interaction and facilitating to engage participants.

Town halls

If your town halls are receiving mediocre reviews from employees, it’s time for a change. Make your next meeting a success by keeping your audience engaged with opportunities for dialogue and employee participation. We’ll design a balanced agenda, simplify complex content, boost presentations and coach leaders to shine.

Virtual meetings

Enter the Zoom era! With remote working here to stay, virtual meetings are an important channel to keep teams—big and small—engaged and focused. We’ll help you create and deliver better virtual meetings by designing an interactive experience that employees value.