To help employees get the most out of their benefits, policies and programs, you need an effective HR communication strategy that focuses on “What does this mean to me?” We’ll develop HR communication that not only informs, but also engages employees so they’re prepared to take action.

Benefits communication

Benefits are extremely important to employees, but many don’t fully understand what they have or how to make the best use of them. We’ll create employee benefit communication that will help employees make smart decisions about medical plans, work/life programs and other benefits.


Communicating compensation to employees can be a challenge, since most pay and bonus programs are complicated. We’ll develop simple, visual communication that builds knowledge of bonus programs, incentive compensation, stock and stock option plans and executive compensation.


The challenge with communicating competencies to employees? Explaining exactly what they need to do differently. We’ll bring competencies to life for employees through plain language and real-life examples.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)

Your organization is working hard to become more diverse and to ensure that all employees feel valued and included. So you need communication that supports and demonstrates DE&I. We’ll develop ways to share progress and encourage employees to ask questions, raise concerns and offer ideas to build a positive and inclusive culture.

Employee engagement

Today’s diverse workforce presents a challenge: how to engage office-based and remote employees across multiple generations and cultural backgrounds. Communication plays an important role in engagement by helping employees understand how they make a difference and expressing appreciation for their accomplishments. We’ll develop communication strategies designed to involve employees on key topics.

Employee value proposition

To attract and retain outstanding employees, you’ll need to show them how working for your organization benefits them. We’ll develop an employee value proposition that creates a positive brand for your organization and reinforces why your company is a great place to work.


Let’s face it: Policies aren’t exciting. But they are important. We’ll bring policies to life—from employee handbooks to new work-from-home policies—so employees understand the rules and guidelines, and supports them.

Learning & development

Helping employees learn new skills or build knowledge supports their professional growth. We’ll communicate learning and development programs such as business competencies, leader development and required training (regulatory or compliance requirements).


It takes a lot more than a two-hour orientation to get new hires up to speed. We’ll develop onboarding that engages new employees and sets them up for success— whether they’re on-site or working remotely. And we’ll support key milestones by developing strategies for managers and other stakeholders, using communication to reinforce actions, and designing feedback methods.

Performance management

Talking about performance with employees shouldn’t just happen at the end of the year—it should be an ongoing conversation. We’ll prepare managers and employees to have these important conversations by developing effective performance management communication for such key steps as goal setting, mid-year check-ins and ratings.


Recognizing employees for their achievements instills pride and motivates them to do their best work. We’ll build awareness for your employee recognition program with leader communication, engaging social media platforms, events and support for managers. 


To attract high-performing employees, you need to tell a compelling story about your mission, benefits and culture. We’ll develop employee recruitment communication to convince top talent to apply for a job at your organization.


Employees are more likely to take advantage of a retirement plan when they know how it works and how it supports their financial future. We’ll develop clear, simple retirement communication that helps employees understand 401(k) and other pension plans, and changes to funds or providers.


Employees may be aware of your company values, but do they know how to support them? We’ll communicate values to employees by focusing on the impact to employees’ day-to-day work, using stories to bring values to life and simplifying complex concepts.


Effective wellness communication empowers employees to take responsibility for their health. We’ll increase participation in your wellness program by defining objectives, developing key messages and strategies, creating engaging communication tools and measuring results.