Make sure you have all your pieces in place before you launch an internal communication survey.


Make this checklist your first step before you wander down the road of developing survey questions for employee communication measurement. It will help you design a focused survey that encourages participation and collects useful data.

  • Set objectives. Clear objectives will help you design a better, more succinct survey.
  • Determine target audience: Census (survey all employees) or sample (survey a statistically valid portion of the population)?
  • Decide on key logistics:
  • Survey window. I usually target 8 to 10 days. Anything else happening in the organization that might get in the way?
  • Length. Is this a 2-minute survey or are you expecting a bigger commitment of 8 minutes?
  • Languages.
  • Versions. If your company has multiple business units or functions, will you field a common survey or customize by business unit/function?
  • Distribution. How will you invite employees to participate? Does everyone have access to email?
  • Tool(s). If you’re using a web-based tool such as SurveyMonkey, how will those without web access participate?
  • Determine question categories. For example, satisfaction with communication vehicles, knowledge of key topics, behaviors, change communication, leader/manager communication, function (HR, IT) communication
  • Identify demographic questions. I usually target two or three; focus on demographics you use. For example, if never send communication based on tenure, don’t include it as a demographic question.
  • Determine review and testing processes.
  • Set target date to report results to key stakeholders