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Create videos that get attention

When you’re competing against an endless wave of emails and newsletters, it’s tough to get your message through to employees. That is why video...

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Explain complex ideas with how-to videos

One billion people visit YouTube every month—and you can bet that your employees are part of the crowd viewing videos on how to make a margarita or fold a fitted sheet. 

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New brand

How do you introduce your new brand? Create a rollout that engages employees and makes them brand ambassadors? The first step is to educate employees…but how?

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Helping leaders to communicate key business decisions

CIT, leading provider of financing to small businesses and middle market companies, needed help providing leaders and managers with information to communicate more effectively with employees about key business decisions.

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Measurement infographics

Take your employee communication metrics to the next level! These helpful infographics will help you: understand your audience, identify and use existing metrics, and polish your survey questions.

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Quick solutions

If you have big employee communication needs but a small budget...or would like to jump-start a program but don’t want to commit to a long-term relationship, Davis & Company has a (quick) solution for you.

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49 ways to improve employee communication (eBook for Kindle)

Your go-to guide on how to communicate with employees. From print to online channels, from leader communication to

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